The Freelon ALS Fund

Thank you to everyone who supported he Design a World Without ALS benefit concert and fundraising drive. With your help, we raised over $150,000 to the Duke ALS Clinic.

There is still work to do.

You can give a tax-deductible gift to fund ALS research.

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We would like to recognize the following business, organizations and people for their contributions and support:

Our Design Leaders

dilwegPerkins-Will_logoIn-Kind Support

Tony Huerta Sonic Audio
The Poster Guys
Roland Pro AV/Carey Sound
Lois Deloatch
Lew Myers
Eileen Welsh
The Carolina Theatre
Treat Harvey
Amanda Smith
Creative Silence
Bishop Dr. Clarence Laney Jr.
Reilly Communications
Ed Keane Associates
Duke Dept of Neurology
The Art of Cool Festival
WUNC Radio
Bulldega Market
Sufia Ikbal Doucet
Samantha Powell-Jones
BaD Arts Consulting
Virtue Events
Holli Gall
Jess Vanhook
Anna Marich
Debbie Pierce
Nicole Peloquin
Sara Askey
Ruben Rodriguez
Sharon Davis
Nathan and Wanda Garrett
Scott Sawyer
Mildred and Bob Powell
April Garrett
Duke ALS Clinic
Take 6
Regina Carter
John Brown
Lemora Helms Hammonds
Andrea Carter Ngozi Design Collective
The Durham Marriott
Perkins Will North Carolina


A.M Davis MD
Alliance Architecture
American Tobacco Campus
Anthony Dilweg
Arthur Clement
Bank of America Corporation
Bank of America Foundation
Brenda & Charles Becton
Brodhead Family Charitable Fund
BuildSense, Inc.
Carl and Bridgette Webb
Carl Rosenberg
Carolna Theatre
Courtney James
Darlene Musciano
David and LasShana Morris
Dean Woodson Henry Hopewell, Jr.
Deborah L Anderson
Dena& Charlie Silver
Dewayne and Adama Washington
Diane Jean Clark
Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.
Dorothy Tom
Dr. David W. Peterson
Dr. Deborah Lynn Jakubs
Dr. Donald Speir Collins
Dr. Duncan  Yaggy
Dr. James Steven Roberts
Dr. Keith M. Sullivan
Dr. Kristine D. Sullivan
Dr. Marie L. Young
Dr. Mindy  Oshrain  M.D.
Dr. Thomas Michael Bashore
Dr. Valerie Grider Vickers
Duda/Paine Architects LLP
Duke Energy
Dwight Perry & Veroica Ray
Edward J. Clemons, Jr
Elaine Hart Brothers & George Brothers
Frank and Sandra Meachem
Fulbright Financial Consulting, PA
Gateway Builders
Genna Rae McNeil
Georgia Bizios, Bizios Architect
Gina Berndt
Glen Whisler
I. Jarvis Martin & Norma B. Martin
Illuminating Concepts Ltd. Inc.
James Sansom and June Stewart-Sansom
James W. Mason Memorial Fund
Jewelsmith, Inc.
Kenneth D. Gibbs, Sr. & Lori S. Jones Gibbs
Kenneth Olden
Lamar and Lisa Johnson
Land O’Lakes Feeds
Larry Hall
Lewis Myers
Liberty Arts, Inc.
Lord Cultural Resources
Lowell L. Siler
Marie Washington
Martha Hankin Lefebvre
Michael & Desiree Palmer
Michael Lemanski and Guenevere Abernathy
Mr. AJ Robinson
Mr. Alexander Keyes Berghausen
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy  Proctor
Mr. Cellerino Bernardino
Mr. David Pinto
Mr. Doug Shipman
Mr. Edward  Fulbright
Mr. Eric Hirsh
Mr. Erik Mehlman
Mr. Frank Bishop Konhaus
Mr. G. Smedes York
Mr. Gerald Veasley
Mr. Hal Davis
Mr. Jeff Stebar
Mr. Jerry Guerrier
Mr. John Craven Bloedorn
Mr. Keith Allen Wenger
Mr. Kevin M. Holland
Mr. Lawrence Scott Kline
Mr. Leonard Richard Lyon, III
Mr. M. David Lee
Mr. Malcolm W. Carroll
Mr. Manuel Cadrecha
Mr. Mark Farlow
Mr. Marlin King, Jr.
Mr. Marvin Malecha
Mr. Matthew I. Corley
Mr. Michael Horst
Mr. Neal Parikh
Mr. Nick Strange
Mr. Patrick J. Gallagher
Mr. Randy Woodson
Mr. Richard Michael West
Mr. Richard Wayne Kuhn
Mr. Robert D. Teer Jr.
Mr. Ron Harwood
Mr. Scott Fitzgerald Selig
Mr. Stephen A. Jaffe
Mr. W. Stephens Toler
Mr. Walter R. Havener
Mr. William Galpin Monroe, III
Mrs. Cynthia D.  Brodhead  JD
Mrs. Diane Louise Carroll
Mrs. Kelly Imhof
Mrs. Kristen Moeller Selig
Mrs. Lisa Johnson
Mrs. Ninna I. Burkill
Mrs. Rosemary A. York
Mrs. Sandra S. Toler
Mrs. Susan D. Yaggy
Mrs. Tammy Havener
Mrs. Taniqua Harris
Mrs. Yvette B. West
Ms. Alicia Berg
Ms. Amanda Keefer
Ms. Anna Bielewicz
Ms. Barbara W. French
Ms. Brenda Sanchez
Ms. Caryn Heilman
Ms. Christina Batipps
Ms. Denise Gonzales Crisp
Ms. Dorothy Anita Taylor
Ms. Ellen Crozat Cassilly
Ms. Gabrielle Bullock
Ms. Gayle Lanier
Ms. Gina Berndt
Ms. Jill E. Bashore
Ms. Jill Schiffman
Ms. Joan Blumenfeld
Ms. Judith S. Peterson
Ms. Kathleen Giles
Ms. Laura Treat Harvey
Ms. Lillian Denise Guerrier
Ms. Lisa Thorson
Ms. Marcia Harris
Ms. Marcie Cohen
Ms. Margaret King Jorde
Ms. Marilyn  Thayer
Ms. Mary Ann Pittman
Ms. Meg Brown
Ms. Nana A. Simopoulos
Ms. Pamela D. Parker
Ms. Patricia R. Perkins
Ms. Peggy Cain
Ms. Rhonda Faircloth Scott
Ms. Roberta L. Cantow
Ms. Sabrina Stewart
Ms. Sara Seten Berghausen
Ms. Susan M. Luttman
Ms. Tammy Lynn McGann
Nathan and Wanda Garrett
Neighboring Concepts
O’Brien Atkins Associates
Pamela Green
Paster Laney
Phail Wynn
PNC Bank
President Richard H. Brodhead  PHD
Proctor Family Gift Fund
Professor Leon Bridges, Sr.
Rachel Schade
Reilly Communication
Robert Teer
Sharon L. Taylor and Willie L. Covington
Steven Schuster
The Law Office of James D. Williams
Tyrone Baines
Walt Teague
William Paxson
William V.  Bell